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Date:2008-06-24 18:15

My cousin is playing a free show at Toad this Saturday, feel free to join me. She'll be playing 3 from 10pm to 1am.

Sat Jun 28 @ 10:00pm
1912 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
21+, FREE

Come by early (7pm) to catch Ryan Fitzsimmons and Dana Price.


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Date:2007-06-10 01:18
Subject:back home

Drove from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island back to Boston today. Very full day of driving, but had a couple of good stops along the way. All in all it was an excellent trip. I can elaborate more in the morning if people are curious, but this is most of the highlights.

Sun June 3 - Boston -> Portland -> Bar Harbor
Mon June 4 - (ferry closed for weather) -> St John -> Halifax (Irish pub music)
Tue June 5 - explore Halifax, tour fort, pirate exhibit
Wed June 6 - Cabot Trail (with some hiking) -> Baddock
Thu June 7 - Ferry -> Charlottetown
Fri June 8 - explore Charlottetown, House of Parliament
Sat June 9 - Confederation Bridge -> Magnetic Hill -> King's Landing -> Bangor -> Boston

Total mileage almost 2000

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Date:2007-04-12 23:37
Subject:This weekend in NY

So we're planning this visit. Let me know if you're there and we should try to see you.

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Date:2007-02-08 19:59
Subject:Groove Lily

Anyone for Groove Lily in Natick tomorrow night? I can probably offer a couple rides.


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Date:2006-12-27 18:55
Subject:Playing Myst Live again

I'm excited to see the game taking off again. Nothing huge yet, but I am anticipating more exciting things soon. If anyone else is playing let me know and we can try to run into each other online.

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Date:2005-10-15 23:08
Subject:Possible Cat

We're thinking to get a cat.


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Date:2005-05-29 20:06

We now have 12 Cedar St, Somerville under agreement.
It's a few blocks from Porter T stop.

The house is a 2 family with the first floor as entry hall and a closet shared. The inner door opens on the kitchen with the bathroom and the rear door on the opposite side. There's a closet on the left which might make a good if small pantry. Then to the left is the downstairs living room and through french doors the bedroom which has it's own door to the entrance hall.

The second apartment has a similar layout with the kitchen on the right at the top of the stairs. The kitchen opens into a windowded porch. The dining room is on the left and then the living room through a large open arch. The living room opens back up onto the entry stairway and the bathroom in the front. Upstairs are 2 bedrooms and partially finished closet space.

The basement clearly neds some work.

Assuming everything works out Alex and Laurel will take the downstairs and we'll take the big bedroom upstairs with sasen taking the other one.

Here are the pictures we took at the open house today.


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Date:2005-05-03 08:45
Subject:life update

It's been a really long time since I posted anything, but I figured I should post something again now that I am reading journals again sometimes.

First, here are pictures from our trip to England/Ireland http://web.mit.edu/kareid/www/europe.html.

Second we're thinking of buying a house, eek!

Third steer roast and may day and friends in town and high school friend's wedding reception and visiting lucy and baby made a very good weekend yay!

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Date:2003-04-30 01:20
Subject:MayDay (soon!)
Mood: sleepy

The wonderful weather the past few days has really put me in a spring mood. I'm eagerly looking forward to the Cambridge Mayday celebration near Harvard on Thursday morning. Last year I completely forgot until a couple days after, so I've been very careful not to make the same mistake this year. With that one exception I think I've gone since about 1998 when I first wandered down with Liana and Cyruse. The event starts at dawn (5:30am) at the Harvard footbridge and includes singing, morris dancing, maypole dancing, and english country dancing. I usually enjoy being up that early partially for novelty sake and interacting with friends who have also shown up. Here's a more complete description of what goes on that was written several years back and some pictures people took last year. Anyone curious should definitely make the effort to come if you're not too hosed.

See people there!! Wheee!

P.S. If anyone has suggestions where is good to park or needs a ride from davis feel free to post and I'll see what I can do.

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Date:2003-04-28 16:01

I just decided to order a new ipod, and for extra added stupid impulse buying power I paid for the 2 day shipping. I wonder if I'll like it enough to be worth it. Or if I'll have any time to play with it with steer roast going on this weekend. We'll see.

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Date:2003-04-20 22:35
Mood: tired

Last night I stayed up late ripping audio tracks from my copy of the recent Jesus Christ Superstar DVD. (I really wanted a copy of "Could We Start Again Please" which isn't in the production I have on CD.) After much stumbling around online I finally found appropriate software for doing this on OSX, OSex and then mAC3dec. I have also now completely filled my 20G ipod, I even completely emptied the non-music part. In the middle I took a break to have dinner with sgw and a friend of his at Rudy's. Habanero margaritas are interesting ... not as painfully hot as I anticipated, but not as good as classic margaritas.

Because I didn't get into Natick until around 2:30am I failed to get up for church at 8am. I had planned to go to listen to the choir music my parents were involved in singing and to socialize with any childhood friends left there, but when I woke up 40 minutes later than I planned I wasn't interested in hurrying and arriving late enough to have missed a lot. I got ready and waited for dad to come back before we headed to Nana's house for easter dinner.

Seeing the family was wonderful as always. My sister brought her boyfriend Carlos and my cousin brought his fiance, and one of my aunts wasn't there, but everything felt like it should. I found my grandfather showing off his trains to Carlos and it reminded me that I should find some way to arrange for my friends who are train buffs to come see them sometime, after all, Woburn is extremely close. At one point he mentioned that he wanted to make sure one of us got the house after they were gone so the layout would survive him. It made me sad to think about, but I think I would be committed to seeing that through somehow if it came to that.

I also finished reading the JMS spiderman comics finally. I'm going to have to stop by the comic shop and see if any more are in anthologies yet. I think he's going somewhere big with some things he's been only hinting at so far and I'm looking forward to it. I laughed out loud at the Rocky Horror reference in volume 3. The next thing I read will be a story Erin wrote. I got a copy of it from her tonight. *bounce*

I was also very touched when angerona tried to invite me to an easter dinner she was holding with Ruben and Jess today. Of course I couldn't make it with other plans in place but it made me think of her a lot today. :)

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Date:2003-04-18 22:08
Subject:Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

I went to check on the progress of this next Myst game on the Uru Obsession website and things seem to be moving forward further finally. The website for Uru itself has finally been updated from the earlier beta announcement and while it's not very exciting yet, it leads me to anticipate upcoming updates. The game is based on the premise of human explorers finally being allowed into the ruins of the D'ni civilization that were discovered underground in what I think is our planet. What players were exposed to in the earlier three myst games is such a small fraction in comparison to what this game will reveal, a whole city with innumerable places to travel to through linking books. The game promises to have an online component and now it seems a single player one too which makes me happier (as I tend to prefer single player games so far).

What can I possibly say about the next game in what has to be my favorite franchise. The world of Myst has so much depth that if you've only briefly seen the games you've only touched on the surface of. In addition to the three games including many challenging puzzles and graphically beautiful worlds designed around them, there are three entirely independent novels which provide the rich background I fell in love with. The concept of a civilization which designed and created worlds to visit through a special art of writing and were able to literally go there captivates me greatly. The first of the books is the story of the downfall of that civilization. The cataclysm is set into motion by the introduction of a single person from outside being let into the inner circle which leads to a long chain of events and repercussions caused by those who resented it. I am definitely going to have to reread the books in the coming months and will finally work through RealMyst (the re-release of the original Myst with a new age at the end and a updated graphics engine) as well.

Oh well, enough of that for now. I'm headed to Anna's to read the JMS spider-man comics then to the Ghetto.

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Date:2003-03-30 22:03
Subject:Fun weekend
Mood: apathetic

Tracy Grammer and Richard SchindellCollapse )

Scooting the minuteman trailCollapse )

Laura's and dim sumCollapse )

Random Thoughts:

The brookstone umbrella I got with lerta the other week is cool. I like how the button on the handle also closes it, and unlike other umbrellas it has a spring close. You just have to be careful not to press the button when you don't mean it.

It's too cold out tonight for bare feet, even just walking to the car.

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Date:2003-03-28 03:01
Subject:UK DVD: Once More With Feeling
Mood: excited

I just found this episode is being released as a stand alone DVD on
April 14. It is listed at GBP 11.99. I am willing to put together an
order if other people are interested. Of course you will have to have
a player that can play region 2 DVDs.


Shipping info: Airmail takes 5-7 days
USD prices as converted today by http://www.xe.com/ucc. Actual price
will doubtless be different when charged.

DVD price: GBP 11.99 $18.89
Per item DVD fee: GBP 0.99 $ 1.56
--------- ------
Per item total: GBP 12.98 $20.45

Per delivery fee: GBP 2.09 $ 3.29 (shared)

So, given this estimate I'd say $20-23 per copy depending on how the
currency fluctuates and how many orders we get to split the per
delivery fee. People should let me know if they're interested and
I'll get back to people as the release date nears to confirm. Leaving me email addresses in a private post would be useful for contacting people back.

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Date:2003-03-28 02:55

I think I've finished my first revision of my version of obra's sms to zephyr gateway. His lost functionality with the krb4 bug that killed interrealm, and since I was a frequent user of it I decided I needed to reimplement it. Documentation is a little minimal, but more official this time. Comments welcome.

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Date:2003-03-28 02:07
Subject:Fun day
Mood: happy

Tonight I went to poker night for the first time and had a lot of fun. I met some people, interacted closer with some people I had barely known before, saw a bunch of old friends including one who was visiting from out of town. I got to interact in a whole new way since I had never gotten into poker before and even ended the night up $1.25.

Today had already been a good day because I found a really great way to tune a query my boss was working on (partition by + over).

Friday night I'm headed out to the Iron Horse with sarah and brian for a show featuring Richard Schindell and Tracy Grammer. We'll have an open space in the car and I only bought my ticket today so there's a good chance someone could join if they wanted.

Sorry for not posting in so long. I think I'll try to be better about it.

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Date:2003-02-13 23:22
Subject:Vampires, flats, and Hamlets
Mood: calm

Last night I went to campus for Buffy and Angel after work. thoughts on the episodesCollapse ) Jonathon made me a copy of the superbowl-day Alias episode so I get to watch that in it's entirety this weekend. After Angel, lerta and I went back to 5e to hang out with people celebrating lex's birthday. I stayed way too late, but had a good time despite not drinking anything and getting rather tired.

Now for the story about the flat tire. It was about 3:30am and I had just dropped truebeliever off home. It was completely my fault too which made me feel quite silly. I was doing the turnaround thing to head over the BU bridge and got in the wrong lane of the big U by mistake. There weren't really any other cars on the road, but when I realized it I didn't want to risk being in the wrong lane any longer and decided to hop the curb back to where I belonged. Well I guess the curb was too high, or sharp, or I was going too fast, or something. I pulled into the Sunoco, put my spare on and headed home to sleep. In the morning I brought it to the gas station to have them check it out and it was ripped on the side and not fixable. I told my boss and he said to work from home so I called Saturn and they squeezed me in for 1:30 where I got an oil change, and ran into lindalee too.

Tonight I went to Hamlets with Sarah. It was a lot of fun, but I was sleepy from last night and didn't take the time to pick out the different aspects of personality that were being portrayed by each person. This made the whole thing come off as what looked like a sort of a pretty, multiple personality disorder / Herman's Head thing, really bringing out the madness in Hamlet. The use of shrouds and/or hats to keep the other characters strait was very well done, I just wish it had been clearer when Hamlet was instructing them in the play in the middle. The multimedia for the ghost and the backdrops was really cool, and the shadow puppets at the beginning were completely stunning. Altogether a wonderful performance, if a way more than a bit unorthodox.

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Date:2003-01-28 09:41

My ipod's randomizer has a sick sense of humor this morning. When I turned it on as I was walking to work it played two beach boys songs in a row.

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Date:2003-01-23 08:29
Subject:New user picture
Mood: awake

Joe took this one last week after Manray.

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Date:2003-01-21 11:29
Subject:Legal Absurdities

I just read this article pointed out to me by Greg and it got me thinking, so I thought I'd record my thoughts. First a quick summary, the article is about a toy company trying to classify action figures as not dolls to avoid a higher tariff associated with that category of toys. The fact that it mattered is ridiculous and apparently that distinction has been removed, but the company could get back those tariffs based on this decision. In order to call them not dolls the judge had to proclaim them to not be representations of humans. The article went on to say that 'Barbie is {obviously} a doll', but that 'Kraven exhibited "highly exaggerated muscle tone in arms and legs"'. Which seems absolutely ridiculous since Barbie is well known for "exhibiting highly exaggerated" characteristics of other sorts.

With the weird usage of precedent in our legal system this makes me wonder if such a decision could ever be applied as an argument in a case such as that depicted at the end of the X-men movie. Dolls like this were decided not to be representations of humans, therefore people like this must not be human either. I would certainly hope not, but I don't think I know enough to know if it's as absurd as it sounds, enough so that it can't happen. Anyway, just some wandering thoughts. . .

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